Thursday, November 11, 2010

'revised brainstorm'

Flag of the USAFlag of the USSR

 In my research paper I will talk about Russia. The time period that I choose is Cold War (1947–1991). This war was conflict between Russia (Soviet Union) and United States. The main problem of this conlfict was different ideology between communism and democracy, which later starts on different topics such as military.

mission patch for the last leg of the Space Race, the Apollo-Soyuz spacecraft docking together in earth orbit

Another example of competition during Cold War can be the "Space Race".

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Essay #2

Throughout the history of United States, racism appeared a lot of times. One example of racism can be found when we look on the US's involvement in Vietnam during the war. During the war there were there was a lot of anti war movements, and many people was against this war. One of them was Martin Luther King. " We will be marching for these and a dozen other names and attending rallies without end unless there is significant and profound change in American life and policy. Such toughts take us beyond Vietnam, but not beyond our calling as sons of the living God" (9) This qoute is from speech that he gave on April 4, 1967 at Riverside Church in New York and it's also a good example of King's opinion about our involvment in Vietnam war.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Lucy's impressions on first arriving in the United States

 Lucy's impressions on first arriving in the United States was definitely disapoitnmen. America supposed to be her new better place to live a better life. She arrived on Gray-black cold night and even though the lights were everywhere, She could barley see. She had a dream, in that dream everything looked different than in reality. In her dream everything was perfect, and for her those places were points of happiness, but in real life everything was ordinary, dirty and worn down. After this she sad "It was not my first bout with the disappointment of reality and it would not be my last."
                             There were also some things that she was seeing or doing for the first time in her life, for example first ride in the elevator or  another example may be the refrigerator, which she did not have in her house. On the first day in the morning she put on the dress which she would wear if she was at home. It was a sunny day, but after she went out she realized that she is not longer in the tropical zone. Again this thing was something new and wrong for her, because nobody told her anything about this country.
                            I read a couple of stories about imigration that relates to this novel and each character was thinking about this country as the greastest  place in the world. In reality there is no such a thing as greatest place in the world. Every place have it's advantages and disadvantages. I think that Lucy is unhappy person, that is disappointed about her new life and in my opinion if she could, she would choose to go back to her country.